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At Tasty Thai we make everything to order with love.

Hello, All Lovely Neighbors.

                From the situation that has occurred until now is a state of alertness and trying to prevent  the outbreak of the virus, as much as possible . We all have the same fear. Everyone. Including myself can say that the panic has occurred since the news and had to prepare for defense follow the advice of all departments that are recommended, such as


        1. Wash hands every time with hand wash and followed by cleaning with a Hand Sanitizer to protect ourself. And protect others


        2. Clean the counter area, floor, door handle, table, chair, bathroom, sink with clorox to be confident with  everyone who comes to use                the Tasty Thai store and do it all the time.


        3. Wear gloves at all times during work. And is a strict regulation with  team.


        4. Raw material preparation and the preparation meets all ServeSafe standards


        5. Closed Dinning Room.


        6. Open for order Take out , Delivery . and come to receive food with the following suggestions


           6.1  You can pay for food by credit card after ordering food by phone at the same time so no need to waste time swiping the card at 


                  the counter and signing and can also be paid by cash but be assured that We have to clean and kill germs regularly. For the 


                  safety of everyone and the safety of the  staff.


          6.2   If coming to receive food before the specified time and the food is not finished. It is recommended to wait for the food in the car 


                 or outside and we will inform you. When the food is finished and we will try to determine the right time to come to receive food i


                 immediately by avoiding to meet with other people to maintain  social distance.


          6.3 If possible, suggest to come to pick up the food by yourself .Because you will receive food faster than ordering the delivery. Of 

                  course, ordering Togo food will allow you to receive food faster.


           6.4 If you suspect that you are sick recommend to avoid picking up food at the store in order to show responsibility to the public


           6.5 The store  is still open as usual on Wednesday-Sunday until changes are announced from government agencies.


                  We follow the duties of the service providers to the best. And safe for yourself and others at the same time To give confidence to 


                   all customers


               Therefore, We inform you and declare that We will fight together. We must survive and ask all our lovely neighbors to be safe. No 


              one must get sick. From the virus, Covid19, Loving All Neighbors You are our benefactors.

About Us


  153 Belgrade Ave.

  Roslindale, MA 02131.

Opening Hours:

  WED - THU     11.30 A.M. - 09.30 P.M. 

  FRI - SUN        11.30 A.M. - 09.30 P.M.     

  MONDAY -TUESDAY        Closed

Phone:  617-327-2378


Take Out & Delivery

Take out:

Orders are ready for pickup 35minutes.

Minimum $15, 45minutes  

  $3 delivery charge within 3 miles.

Minimum $25, 60minutes  

  $4 delivery charge within 4 miles.

Minimum $25, 60minutes  

  $5 delivery charge within 5 miles.


No Personal Check.

Prices are subject to change without notice and not responsible for lost articles.

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